Is an appointment necessary?
Yes it is, for three reasons mainly. Firstly we do not do walk-ins as our clients get the whole boutique to themselves. Secondly we like to be prepared for you and your party. Lastly we can get so busy that we cannot guarantee availability.


How long will it take?
An appointment generally takes between one and two hours, depending on how many gowns you want to try on!


How much does it cost for an appointment?
As with most premium bridal boutiques, we charge a small fee of £20 for your first full consultation. This is because we have to close off the sales gallery for your party for several hours, and it also protects time slots for genuine clients who are serious about shopping for their dream dress. The fee is fully refunded against your dress purchase, and there is no charge for follow up appointments.


Who should I bring?
At Kathleen Richmond Couture we favour the personal touch so we like to keep the numbers down if possible. We would suggest that you bring along three people at the most, most girls bring two...advice can be great but ultimately choosing your dress is your own decision, trust your instincts, no one knows you like you know yourself.


The Gowns

What size are the in-store samples?
We have a variety of sizes in the boutique from 12 up to 24.


What happens if they don’t fit me?
We are fully trained to fit the sample gowns, if they are too big they will be pinned, not bulldog clipped. If they are too small we have methods of leaving the back open, but discretely making them appear like they fit.


Can I decides what to try on?
Of course you can, we like to discuss your wedding style; your needs and desires and then we will help you chose from our collection. Trusting your instinct is very important at this point. Our staff are on hand to guide you all the way using their skills to help you find the perfect style, shape and colour of dress.


How much do the dresses cost?
Our collections starts at around £900 and go up to about £3,000, we have a good range. We are totally transparent about costs and ask that you guide us in terms of your budget. We certainly do not want to put you in a gown that does not suit your budget and tarnish your day.

Fitting & Sizing

How do we know what size I require?
We take all your body measurements so we can be as accurate as possible. Most clients do not like this part of the process but it is essential for us to be able to advise you correctly. We will then have a discussion with you and agree on the size required from the chart.


When are the fittings?
If you want to have your fittings in-house (as most clients do) we will arrange an appointment about ten weeks before your big day. Don’t panic about forgetting because we will normally get in touch to book you in up to five months ahead of time. You will generally only need two to three fittings and the cost of these will depend on how much work needs to be carried out to make your dress fit perfectly, which will be agreed before any work is carried out. This is where getting measured up properly in the first place pays dividends, and we pride ourselves in getting things right!


Who does the fitting?
You are not obliged to have your fittings and alterations done by KRC. We do recommend our in-house service as we are highly skilled seamstresses and can take care of you through the whole process. We also offer some late nights for your convenience.


What do I need for the fitting?
Your shoes that you plan to wear are a must, and your bra if you intend wearing one. Fitting is serious work and we would appreciate if you kept you keep your guests to a maximum of two...babies and children especially can be a bit of a distraction to the fitters and we wan't your gown to be perfect. With that in mind we'd also ask that you do not bring food or drink into the boutique.


When do I collect my gown?
We are more than happy to store your dress completely free of charge for the final weeks before your nuptials. Most clients collect their gown a few days before the wedding, once it has been steamed, pressed and fully prepared. We will help pack your dress in your car to make sure it is all safe and as crease free as possible.

How can I preserve my dress after the main event?
We offer a cleaning and repair service to our brides to bring their pride and joy back to its best. We can also supply beautiful hand made boxes that we can pack your gown away in for prosperity.

After Care