You said yes! Among the many things ahead you get to do is choose your wedding dress, which is priceless. Our job is to make sure that you have a wonderful bridal shop experience and our experts will help turn your dreams into reality...

01. Finding Your Dress
02. Styling Time
03. Expert Fitting
04. Let's Get Married
05. After Care

When should you start?
Right now, and you are in the right place! On average brides start looking for their dresses around twelve months before their wedding which gives plenty of time, not only to find the dress of their dreams, but get the alterations done and have everything fitted perfectly.


• Try not to bring the entire wedding party, as this is an intimate experience, maybe two or three of your nearest and dearest. Advice is nice but too many opinions can cloud your judgement and at the end of the day it is what you think and feel that really matters.


• We operate on an appointment only basis, so if you book with us in advance we can ensure that you have the entire boutique to yourself.


• There is no need for you to bring shoes as we have that covered, but try to wear nude underwear and keep fake tan for another day.


• What you should also bring is your ideas...we love to hear about all your plans! If you are unsure - don't panic - there is no pressure and we have been doing this for years.


So you've found your gown, what happens now?
We measure you, ask for 50% confirmation payment, and start the countdown! Please don't worry if you plan on losing weight before the big day, dress fittings normally begin about three months prior to the wedding.

01. Finding Your Dress

02. Styling Time

If you would like our help in styling then just ask us. You can come back and decide on the finishing touches to your look. We have beautiful accessories including hair pieces, combs and pins and a wide range of veils. If you can't find something we have you like, with our help you can design your own to compliment your gown giving you the best bridal shop experience.

10 - 12 weeks before the big event


• We offer a full expert fitting in our boutique, all our staff are fully trained in pin fitting.


• We like to be organised, so we will get in touch with you about your fittings well in advance of your wedding day.


• What to bring? Yourself, your shoes and underwear you intend to wear on the day, your closest friend and your mum.


• Remember this is your actual gown so please try and keep make-up to a minimum.


• Brides usually have two fittings and at the final fitting we always train whom ever will be dressing you on the big day how to do it like a pro.


So your gown now fits perfectly, when can you collect?
Your dress will be ready for collection at least a week before your wedding. If you are travelling abroad or need your gown further in advance, just let us know. If you are having a destination wedding we can pack your gown for you if you bring your own box or case. We also offer a boxing service. Let your gown travel in luxury with one of our beautiful handmade boxes wrapped lovingly in acid-free tissue paper to keep it safe.

03. Expert Fitting

04. Let's Get Married

It's time to collect your gown.


• We will spend hours professionally steaming and preparing your gown and accessories until they are pristine, lovingly wrapped in tissue and covered with our special dress bag.


• Park outside and we will carry the dress out to your car and pack it for your journey home or to your hotel.


• All we ask is that you don't bring your dog and that you don't arrive with a two seater car and a friend as your dress can't walk home!

Our work here is done? Not always.


• It is only one day (well usually) but it can take a lot out of your beautiful gown. We offer a cleaning and repair service to our brides to bring their pride and joy back to its best.


• We supply hand made boxes that we can pack your gown away in for prosperity, or for whatever reason you want to preserve it.


All you have to do now is get in touch and make an appointment to come in and view our array of gorgeous gowns! And in case we have missed anything, click below to see a selection of frequently asked questions and answers...

05. After Care